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  • Combat Bound LLC recognizes the need for a decrease in cognitive and physical loads for the Warfighter and especially the need to decrease the number of batteries required that must be carried in addition to normal operational equipment. 

  • Consider the number of 4-hour batteries needed for a 40-hour mission! Also consider 20 days in the field with limited resupply.

  • Combat Bound’s Thermogenic Power Belt (TPB) provides a lightweight thermogenic power harvesting solution. Combat Bound’s TPB harvests the natural energy exerted as the human body expels heat.

  • While this amount of heat is not great, our power modules are able to capture and store this heat in a series of Low Delta Temperature Modules. 

  • The temperature difference generates electricity that can charge a battery or power a device. Additionally, the energy can be used directly in capabilities such as personal body heaters and hand warmers.

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  • Low weight

  • Moisture wicking blend of Nylon (87%) and Spandex/Lycra (13%)



  • Designed to generate 20V+ of power to charge devices

  • Weight – 2lbs


  • Armed Forces

  • First Responders / Disaster Relief

  • Foreign Sales, Military etc., 

  • Outdoor Recreation

  • Anyone that needs lightweight power generation.

Key Differentiators

  • The Combat Bound Low Delta Temperature module is almost twice as thick as a standard TEG module, enabling greater capability to harvest low energy sources as it slows heat transfer allowing for a larger DT to be generated.

  • Our modules are rated for very low temperatures from below 0 degrees Celsius up to 180 degrees Celsius.

  • As such, our design is ideal for body heat harvesting applications.

  • Additionally, it is ideal for harvesting power from low radiant and convective heat sources.

Status/Name Origin

  • Prototyped, currently testing

  • In Norse mythology, the megingjörð  is a belt worn by the god Thor. The Old Norse name 'megin' means power or strength, and 'gjörð' means belt.

  •  When worn, the belt is described as doubling Thor's already prodigious strength.

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