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PUCA Ultralight ECM
Personal Electronic Warfare/Electric Countermeasures Device

  • The Puca is designed to be a multi-use, ultralight ECM/EW/SIGINT/DF device.  The primary objective is to support and protect dismounted troops (down to individuals, fire teams, and squads) in multiple types of terrain from radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED).

  • The initial Puca prototypes were lightweight (<5lbs) analog jammers capable of cellphone and WiFi defeat between 5m and 20m. The version in development is a networked, software-defined, multiband, multifunctional ECM and SIGINT sensor. Being developed to connect to current GOTS/COTS systems and networks, populate actionable information, provide an EW capability to incidental operators and networked EW command & control.

  • The rechargeable, battery powered, lightweight capability provides 360 degree capabilities on the go to maintain utmost responsiveness to varied geographic areas and a technically adept enemy.

  • The goal is a MILSPEC, low profile unit, decreasing the weight of current and upcoming platforms at a cost-effective price while providing pervasive EW capabilities. The graphics on this page relate (left) to the printed mock-up and the V3 software defined benchtop prototype (bottom), and a non-proprietary representative schematic. 

In development. Design is patent pending in 182 countries under the Patent Coordination Treaty.

  • Armed Forces

  • Federal and local law enforcement

  • Planning an ITAR compliant design for Foreign Military Sales



Status/Name Origin

  • Software Defined Version currently in development. 

  • Patent Pending:  PCT/US2021/072898

  • First versions built as analog wideband jammers

  • The Puca is named for a mythological Celtic trickster spirit known for befuddling and being kind to people.

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Key Differentiators

  • Much lighter than current platforms 

    • objective weight < 3lbs (w/battery)

    • 66% lighter than current GOTS/COTS available

  • Multi-function, multi-mode, multi-platform

  • Operationally flexible, facilitates command and control of EW

  • Mission configurable (carry only what you need)

  • Active, discreet, and passive modes.

  • Intuitive interface (maybe even sailor proof!)

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