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Rail Mounted Flamethrower

  • Combat Bound’s Rail mounted flamethrower is an accessory like nothing else in the current market.

  • Fueled by a single source with a rechargeable pilot, ease of use and the “tacticool” factors will make this a hit with the civilian novelty market and preppers alike.


  • The push button operated actuator allows constant flame engagement until reload is necessary. Dual switches allow for increased safety in operation.


  • Graphical representation of our device is in work.

download (9).jpg


  • Current version is an under barrel, rail mounted design

  • Weight: Estimated 3lbs including fuel

  • Length: 15”


  • Civilian


  • Prototyping


  • Estimated: ~$350-$500

Launch & Marketing

  • Initial Launch Marketing will be conducted on a crowdsource platform to generate interest and revenue. Additionally, once marketing materials are available, sites such as Ammoterra will be used to market to wholesalers, distributors, and dealers.

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