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SKADE Defense Round

  • The design of the Skade defense round maximizes soft tissue damage while providing a penetrating center allowing multiple methods of threat stopping power in a single round.  


  • The top half of the projectile is split to provide easier separation on impact, the two halves are shaped and grooved to provide a “scoop-like” motion while increasing initial cavity.


  • The bottom half of the round is solid to keep from completely deforming upon impact and provide support to the penetrator.



Will be available in 9mm and 45ACP. 



Key Differentiators

This round combines the best qualities of rounds with a penetrator, hollow point, and ball with proprietary functions allowing for greater spread and damage to soft tissue.


Prototyping for ballistic testing


The current market has caused prices to increase in a bubble. Once manufacturers are able to meet demands, prices will decrease to pre-panic pricing. Our pricing reflects estimates based on post-panic market. Estimate ~$1 to $1.50 per round.

skade 3.png

Launch & Marketing

Once ballistic testing is completed and data demonstrates viability, initial marketing will be to ammunition production facilities to manufacture patented design under license and distribute.

skade 2.png
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