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  • High-risk combat operations such as in subterranean environments and dense urban areas will result in casualties. 

  • These high-risk operations require that all needed equipment be brought into the unknown areas with significant limitations imposed by the environment.

  • Given these variables, troops must pack for the worst-case scenarios, which means prioritizing for space and weight. 

  • A great asset for rescuing a casualty is a litter.  Typical combat litters and spine boards are effective in tight spaces or difficult terrain, and you can't jump in with most. 

  • They are difficult to manage and require more troops to be combat ineffective in dangerous combat situations by requiring two or two more hands be used to carry or drag a litter. 

  • The RSCU design enables no-hands drag evacuation, the semi-rigid cocoon design protects the casualty, and is capable of emergency lift/lower.



rscu 1.png



  • Length: 73”; Width: 25”

  • 6 x Carry Loops; 4 x Tabs at head and foot for carry pole insert

  • Channels on Left and Right are open to allow carry poles to be inserted

  • 3 "X" Main Straps to secure either a patient or material goods

  • 3  Outer straps to further secure patient (cocoon)

  • Flotation collar and optional wheels or skid travois (telescoping poles)


  • Support Webbing sewn together into the body of the litter provides rigidity under load

  • Length: 60” from connection point above the head to area near feet

  • Width: Increasing from 7”-25”

  • Capacity:  Base version 1500 lbs, Heavy version rated at 3000lb.

  • Rolls up as tight as 6” x 8”


  • In limited production.

  • Colors: coyote, OD, black, special order for Hi-Visibility, Hi-Contrast

  • Patent No.: US 11,925,583 B2

Key Differentiators

  • Lighter than current platforms – 3.6 lbs

  • More functionality than current litters:

    • Multi-method combat extraction

    • Purpose built for hands-on or hands-free casualty evacuation 

    • Unmanned Extraction (for manned/unmanned teaming - MUM-T)

  • More cost effective than current litters.

  • Complete base system includes inflatable flotation collar.

  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • DoD

  • First Responders

  • Industry

  • Foreign Military/First Responders

  • Outdoor/High Adventure


  • $600 - $800 system. Optional rigid, wheeled frame available.  Price is unstable due to continued design improvements and rising material costs. 

1.Compacted RSCU Litter w/ Vest    2. Expanded Litter w/ Vest Strap  

3. Wheel-frame Drag         4. Body Armor Drag

5.Expedient Belt Strap Drag          6. Unmanned Extraction

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