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Soldiers with Guns

Combat Bound's Capabilities

Defense and First Responders

Combat Bound’s innovations support gap solutions and requirements (documented and experienced) for Defense and First Responders working in austere and hostile environments. 


Our equipment is designed to:

  • decrease physical and cognitive load 

  • increase capabilities and performance

  • be cost-effective.


We hyper-enable the operator.

Civilian Marketplace

Combat Bound also innovates for the civilian market space based on needs, trends, and opportunities, by leveraging our DoD experience and partnering to ensure market agility. 


Our 40 acre rural testing area on the Northern Neck of Virginia allows us to provide the ability to conduct private T&E and provide feedback based on government testing and operator level experience. 

download (8).jpg

The Puca is designed to be a "personal" multi-function, multi-mode ultralight ECM/EW/SIGINT/DF device.  Its initial design objective was to support and protect dismounted troops in multiple types of terrain from radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED).  It's now that and much much more.

download (7).jpg

Typical combat litters and spine boards are ineffective in tight spaces or difficult terrain.  The RSCU design enables no-hands drag evacuation to minimize the loss of combat effectiveness.  The semi-rigid cocoon design protects the casualty, it is capable of emergency hoist/lower . . .

download (1).png

Combat Bound’s Thermogenic Power Belt (TPB) provides a lightweight thermogenic power harvesting solution. The TPB harvests the natural energy exerted as the human body expels heat.  Our power modules are able to capture and store this heat in a series of Low Delta Temperature Modules.  The temperature difference generates electricity that can charge a battery or power a device.

download (2).png

The design of the Skade defense round maximizes soft tissue damage while providing a penetrating center allowing multiple methods of threat stopping power in a single round.

download (9).jpg

The push button operated actuator allows constant flame engagement until reload is necessary. Dual switches allow for increased safety in operation.

Fueled by a single source with a rechargeable pilot, ease of use and the “tacticool” factors will make this a hit with the civilian novelty market and preppers alike.



Jumping Off the Plane
“Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything.”

Alexander Hamilton

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