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Casualty Collection Marking Kit

Casualty Collection Marking Kit


Our solutions visually convey information indicative of a patient’s medical condition and aids in preventing
errors during initial patient sorting and medical evacuation, while addressing the seven (7) most commonly
found problems interfering with patient care;

   o Operational Conditions

   o Failure of Standardization

   o Time Constraints

   o Missing Information

   o Lack of Training

   o Human Error

   o Language Concerns

This is the only TCCC/TECC marking kit on the market for scale, scope, and  functionality.

  • Doc's Dufflebag LLC

    This company is co-founded by Mike & Missy McKenney who develop life-saving products based on their experiences, especially Mike's as an Army Ranger Combat Medic and Service Disabled Veteran and Missy's extensive experience in Emergency Management and disaster relief.  

    Combat Bound is delighted to be partnered with them and for the opportunity to help them help others! 

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